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Nursery Home Learning

Please click on the links below for ideas for weekly home learning for your nursery child below.

Virtual Sports Week!

Virtual sports week plan

Nursery Home Learning Summer Term 2

Nursery Newsletter HL 26th June

Nursery Newsletter 19th June

12.6.20 Nursery Newletter

Half Term Challenge!

outdoor re-design challenge


Nursery Home Learning Week 18.05.2020


Nursery t-t-253454-measuring-crocodiles-activity_ver_3

Nursery t-n-2545136-eyfs-maths-solving-problems-and-talking-about-size-home-learning-challenges

Nursery Newsletter 15th May

Nursery Emotions Faces

Nursery conversation question cards

Nursery Home Learning Home Learning Week 11.05.2020

Newsletter HL 8th May Nursery

Nursery Newsletter Blurb 11th May

Nursery 2d-shape-sorting-activity-sheet_ver_3(1) (1)

Nursery 3 Pigs Puppets

Nursery Alliteration

Nursery spot the difference

Nursery 2d shapes ideas

Nursery cut and build a house


Nursery Home Learning Week 04.05.2020

Newsletter HL 1st May Nursery

Well Done Everyone

Healthy Lunchbox. (1) Nursery

Letter 'a' 

1 more 2 more Nursery

1 more 1 less Dinosaur Nursery

1 more 1 less activities Nursery


Stay Safe at Home

 Staying Safe at Home

Nursery Home Learning Week 27.4.2020

Nursery Home Learning 24th April


Nursery Weather Home Learning

Wake and Shake 2

Nursery Home Learning Week 20.4.2020

Friday 10th April Nursery

Easter Egg Shapes

Easter Egg Nursery

Days of the Week Nursery

Easter Basket Nursery

Nursery Home Learning Week 2

Friday 3rd April Nursery

chicken cutting

rabbit cutting

easter dot to dot

Easter patterns

Outdoor Learning

Nursery Home Learning 1

Wake and shake 2

Work out with Words

To help parents and children keep happy, motivated and moving over these next strange and uncertain weeks parents of the school have offered a work out with words. Each week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2pm you can join Rachel and Luke in a simple, fun and motivating work out with words! Please follow the link below or you can find them on instagram @proathlonrach


About Nursery

We have two classes in Nursery, Sheltie 1 class and Sheltie 2 class.

Nursery is an important time for a child. We aim for learning to be fun from the beginning and that is why we teach through structured play. Children learn through play, through interacting with their parents and other adults and their peers.

Through play in a secure environment with effective adult support children can;

  • Explore and make sense of the world
  • Practise and build up ideas, concepts and skills
  • Make their own decisions and choices
  • Are able to take risks and make mistakes within a safe environment, building their confidence to try out ideas
  • Develop their self esteem
  • Communicate with others
  • Learn social skills, being part of a group, sharing and taking turns
  • Learn to negotiate and see things from others points of view.
  • Think creatively and imaginatively

The play is planned for and structured but the planning is flexible so that the children’s own ideas and interests can be further developed. Each area of learning is planned for both indoors and outdoors. Most activities cover several areas of learning.

Outdoor learning is essential – the Nursery has its own safe outdoor environment. The outdoor learning mirrors and extends the indoor learning. The Nursery teaching staff help the children to get the most from each activity and experience, allowing them time to explore.

Sometimes children are involved in an activity led by an adult, play planned by the adult and sometimes in spontaneous play arising out of their own ideas. Play activities and equipment are planned for specific learning outcomes

We plan high quality learning experiences across all 6 areas of Learning. The nursery academic year is planned in half termly themes, which is further broken down into curriculum maps for each half term, then weekly plans.

  • PE is on a Wednesday

Application for School Nursery Admission 2019

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