Playtime Code of Conduct


  • Teacher to be present on duty in the morning.
  • Children not to run whilst eating their fruit.
  • TAs to patrol designated areas.
  • First Aid duty rota in place.
  • Teacher to decide if grass is dry enough to be used.
  • No skipping ropes to be taken out during morning play.


  • SMSAs to be outside and ready for the children at 12.10pm.
  • Children to use classroom door/back door to enter playground (unless collecting a coat from the cloakroom).
  • A rota for different play equipment is available. SMSAs to get these ready and ensure their safe use.
  • SMSAs should pick up and collect any equipment that is not being used by the children to avoid misuse.
  • All equipment should be collected at end of play and ‘counted in’. The School Council children have a rota to help with this.
  • There are designated areas for the use of various play equipment. See plan.

Children are not to bring to school unsuitable skipping ropes. (To be checked by staff).

Children must wear a coat in cold weather.

End of Play/Lunchtime Routine

  • Child from year 2 will go to get the end of playtime sign and walk around the playground with this.
  • Children go back to their classrooms in a sensible manner.

First Aid

  • All staff on duty carry a first aid kit to treat minor injuries on the spot.
  • First Aider on duty to ensure that the First Aid box is well stocked for the day.
  • First Aider on duty to take out the cold box (put in the ice packs from the freezer) and first aid box. This is kept in a central location outside the demountable classroom.
  • Serious injuries to be sent in to be vetted by the first aider in the office or a senior member of staff.
  • If need to undress casualty, do so in possible view of another adult i.e. with the door open to the toilet or room. However, it does not need 2 people.
  • An injury form must be completed each time an injury is treated and the class teacher should be informed at the end of playtime.
  • At the end of playtime please replace ice packs back in the freezer.


Trim Trail

  • Suitable shoes must be worn – no open toed shoes to be allowed.
  • Children not to be lifted onto or off the bars by adults or peers.
  • TAs/SMSAs to patrol/monitor the children at all times.
  • Sunglasses not to be worn on the trim trail.

Children are not allowed to swing or climb the trees on the field.

Children should not pick flowers from the ground or trees.

Children can play in the tree area at the back of the pond when it has been cleared.

Children are allowed to wear sunglasses outside in the playground providing that they are proper children’s sunglasses i.e. not adult ones or cheap plastic ones.

Children should be encouraged to wear sunhats on sunny days and to apply sun lotion. Adults should not apply sunlotion on children. The sun lotion must be the child’s own.

In hot weather encourage the children to leave jumpers inside.

Children should be encouraged to drink plenty of water in hot weather.

Eating Lunch Outside

  • The children to be given the option of eating in the hall.
  • Children to sit only in the designated areas.
  • Children sit at a table or on a blanket inside the penned area outside the demountable classroom.
  • Children to preferably sit in the shade.
  • Children should not play in the eating area.
  • If children do not follow the rules, then they must eat their lunch inside for the rest of the week.
  • Encourage the children to pick up litter.
  • No food should be put into the ‘Froggo’ bin.