Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Sarah Lulham

EYFS Leader Nursery Teacher

I enjoy every bit of my job and making a difference in children's lives is very fulfilling. I love to share knowledge and experience but also marvel at learning new things along the way. I hope to encourage the children I work with to be confident, independent learners who will have a life long love of learning.

Monica Paines


I believe that education is a vital key to happiness and success. It is for that reason that I want every child to know what learning something new feels like and also what it feels like to work to achieve something meaningful. Add these together with a smattering of fun, laughter and memory days—that’s why I love my job !

Committee Membership
Children and Learning
Personnel and Welfare

Polly Eaton

Deputy Headteacher

I have a great passion for teaching and learning. I teach to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful. The interests of the children are embedded in the classroom which ensures the children’s learning is personalised and relevant to life.

Kellie Nolan

School Business Manager