Teaching Staff

“You never forget a good teacher”.

  • Here at Long Ditton Infant School the teaching staff are supportive of and believe in each and every child at both School and Nursery, nurturing, encouraging and inspiring them all to do and be the best they can be.
  • Our experienced teachers work tirelessly to make lessons exciting and relevant for young children. They are committed to helping each and every child to enjoy learning and to fulfill their potential. They strive to form excellent relationships with our children and their parents in order for every child to succeed.

Monica Paines


I believe that education is a vital key to happiness and success. It is for that reason that I want every child to know what learning something new feels like and also what it feels like to work to achieve something meaningful. Add these together with a smattering of fun, laughter and memory days—that’s why I love my job !

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Polly Eaton

Deputy Headteacher

I have a great passion for teaching and learning. I teach to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful. The interests of the children are embedded in the classroom which ensures the children’s learning is personalised and relevant to life.

Sarah Lulham

EYFS Leader Nursery Teacher

I enjoy every bit of my job and making a difference in children's lives is very fulfilling. I love to share knowledge and experience but also marvel at learning new things along the way. I hope to encourage the children I work with to be confident, independent learners who will have a life long love of learning.

Christine Bradley

Class Teacher

I feel privileged to be a teacher. Teaching is an incredibly rewarding job and the enthusiasm
the children show in their learning is infectious. Every day brings different opportunities to
stimulate minds and encourage an investigative approach to the world around us.

Melanie Dawes

Reception Class Teacher

As a teacher, I love sharing children's joy in new discoveries and supporting them to develop a love of learning. I feel privileged to be part of a child's learning journey and feeling that happiness, security and inspiration are key elements to successful learning.

Lucy Griffiths

Year 1 Teacher

I love teaching as I get to help children grow and develop their enquiring minds. No two days are the same which makes me feel very fortunate to be spending my days with such enthusiastic, fun young people.

Emily Howden

Reception Teacher

I am very proud to be a teacher and to be able to work in an environment where every day is different and exciting. Enjoying and achieving through learning play such an important role in a child's development and I feel privileged to be a part of each child's learning experience and to be able to celebrate their successes as well as helping them to learn and grow.

Maria Eremionkhale

Reception Teacher

Kaylee Moore

Class Teacher

Vicky Fieldgate

Working with children is such a privilege. I love being able to support and encourage them in what ever they are learning. My favourite part is helping children who might be feeling anxious or finding things challenging to feel happy and confident.

Jeannette Johnson

Teaching Assistant

I have a passion for learning and supporting each individual child on their learning path.

Jenny Clark

Teaching Assistant

The reason I love working with children is that every day is different because every child is different.
I love seeing the children's development from when they come into my class in September to when they leave in July.

Fiona McQuillan

Teaching Assistant

I like being able to make a difference to children’s lives. I enjoy seeing their progress through the school.

Katie Thorncroft

Teaching Assistant

Everyday is different. Some days you leave school with a smile on your face knowing you have made a difference. Other days are more challenging but that can be changed in an instant when a child gives you a bunch of daisies and says ‘this is for you’!

Hannah Siebert

Teaching Assistant

Everyday I learn from the children and admire their energy, honesty, creativity, flexibility and resilience. I'm delighted I get to be part of this amazing learning process. 

Aqeela Hamid

Teaching Assistant

As a teacher I like to inspire children to be happy and confident learners!

Roz Healy

Teaching Assistant

Children can teach us patience, the value of friendship, peace and calm. I can teach them many things which will help them to make a difference to their lives. Where else can I work with people who can make me laugh and despair in the same breath whilst allowing me to remember how to have fun?

Mary Streather

Lunchtime Supervisor

I love watching the good manners of the children and seeing them be polite and kind to everyone. The school is an amazing place where everyone is always working to help the children get better! I love it!