Religous Education

At Long Ditton Infant and Nursery School we believe Religious Education (RE) is a curriculum subject that focuses on beliefs and practices of the major world religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  We also believe that these religions may not be the only religions represented in our school. We endeavor to develop the understanding of all religions because this enables our pupils to explore the meaning of life, human nature and destiny, about what is right and wrong, about traditions and worship and festivals and celebrations.  Religious Education contributes to the rich, broad and balanced curriculum and our Values based ethos.

In all these ways, R.E. contributes significantly in helping pupils to become balanced and mature human beings.

RE Policy statement Autumn 2020

 Overview RE

Intentions for our Religious Education

Our Religious Education aims to:

  • help pupils understand the living world of religion and its significance for many people
  • help pupils think for themselves, to question, to listen to and understand other people’s viewpoints and to evaluate their own beliefs, ideas and values
  • use pupils of different religions as role models and teachers
  • promote the skills of reflection, empathy, communication, enquiry, analysis and evaluation and the attitudes of respect, open mindedness, sensitivity, critical awareness and self-esteem
  • help pupils think about themselves, their feelings, their relationships and their uniqueness as human beings
  • help to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Religious Education in Relation to the National Curriculum

Our Religious Education has been planned according to the Surrey Agreed Syllabus.
Religious Education is a core subject within the National Curriculum and we dedicate 51% of the teaching of RE about Christianity and 49% about other faiths and religions.
We recognise that R.E. is a core subject which has equal time taught within our school’s curriculum as the other foundation subjects.  It differs only in that it is not subject to nationally prescribed attainment targets and assessment procedures but it is assessed as the other Foundation subjects using the Surrey Agreed Syllabus Level descriptors for RE.  We aim to follow the Surrey Agreed Syllabus which reflects the needs and concerns of the local area but which also prepares our pupils for citizenship in the world of today and tomorrow.

Health and Safety

Care and respect should be taken with the various RE resources. Teachers refer to the School’s Health and Safety Policy.  Some year groups make visits to buildings of worship to support their work in Religious Education.  Teachers ensure pupils respect the customs and beliefs of the faith community who worship in these buildings and when handling artifacts in school.

Special Educational Needs

Pupils with special needs are integrated into R.E. and whenever possible their views and perspectives are valued along with every other member of the class.  Many pupils with special educational needs find abstract concepts difficult.  Therefore, the starting point for R.E. should be based on personal and immediate experience in order to be real and of relevance to the individual.