School Meals

As a Healthy School, we provide good quality meals and encourage children to maintain a healthy diet, eat a balanced meal and try new things.

School Lunches

School lunches are provided by Twelve15 catering and are cooked at Long Ditton St Mary’s Junior School and delivered to the school in insulated containers daily.

  • If your child would like to have School Lunches, then please complete a School Dinner Request form and then return it to the School Office:
    • Click here to download the School Dinner Request form.
    • Request a form from the School Office.
  • If you wish to change from school dinners to packed lunches, or from packed lunches to school dinners, the school office requests at least one week’s notice in writing.
  • All children of infant school age (4-7 years) are entitled to a free school meal every day.
  • More information about school lunches, allergies and ingredients can be found by visiting our school lunch provider’s website at
  • You can view our current school lunch menu here School Lunch Menu

Packed Lunches

  • Healthy Schools Food Policy: Long Ditton Infant and Nursery School prides itself in being an ‘Enhanced Status Healthy School and Nut Free School’.
  • One of the ways in which we help to keep our school healthy is by asking parents not to give chocolate bars, food containing chocolate, fizzy drinks or food containing nuts in packed lunches, and we value your support and cooperation in helping us to maintain our healthy food status.

Please note: we are a NUT FREE school.

  • Please do not include any NUTS or PEANUT BUTTER or food containing nuts and/or sesame seeds in your child’s lunchbox. We also pride ourselves on being an Enhanced Status Healthy School and one of the ways we help to keep our school healthy is by asking parents not to give children chocolate bars, food containing chocolate, or fizzy drinks in lunch boxes.

Healthy Lunchbox = Healthy Child

“Healthy eating is important for everyone, especially children, to ensure that they receive all the nutrients they need to grow and develop. Eating well and being physically active will improve your child’s health as well as their ability to learn and achieve at school. Encouraging your children to eat healthily now will make them more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle as they get older.”

– British Nutrition Foundation

A Healthy School

At Long Ditton Infant and Nursery School we want our children to enjoy their lunch. We make sure that they are comfortable and have space and time to eat their food. Please help us to be a Healthy School by thinking about the healthy balance of food in your child’s lunchbox. Here are some ideas…

GREEN FOOD and DRINK: Any of the food or drink listed below is healthy for children to have regularly.

  • Bread or other cereals: sandwiches, bagels, flat bread, pitta, crackers, pasta
  • Fruit or vegetables: chopped, peeled or whole fresh fruit, dried fruits.
  • Fish, meat or alternatives: tuna, salmon, chicken, ham, egg, hummus
  • Milk or dairy: cheeses, yoghurt, fromage frais
  • A fruit cake (not chocolate)
  • Drink: water, fruit juice

RED FOOD and DRINK: Please DO NOT include any of these foods listed below in your child’s lunchbox. These can be high in fat, salt or sugar.

  • Fruit squash, all fizzy drinks
  • Chocolate, sweets, cakes


  • Crisps can provide children with a good burst of carbohydrate and energy at lunchtime but a whole packet of crisps can be very high in fat and salt.
  • If you do put crisps in your child’s lunchbox, please buy small ‘fun size’ packets or put a few crisps in a pot.